SekaBet – Mobile Betting Bonus – 50% Repayment up to €30

SekaBet - Mobile Betting Bonus

SekaBet – Mobile Betting Bonus – 50% Repayment up to €30

1. This promotion applies for the first betting you have done from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

2. To take advantage of this promotion you have to log in to the address of and purchase bets as the amount you deposited.

3. To our users that lose the mobile first betting, the 50% percent of the bet slip is returned up to €30.

4. To take advantage of the bonus the username and the number of bet slip must be sent to the address of in 24 hours from the time that the match is over. Otherwise, the right of bonus is lost.

5. Only pre-match bets apply to this promotion. Live bets will lie outside the scope of promotion.

6. For example; you have made a bet of €30 and this bet was lost. In this case you can apply for a bonus of €15. If you have made bet for €20 and this bet was lost, you can apply for a bonus of €10.

7. To the user accounts that earned the right to the bonus, the amount is transferred to their accounts in 48-hours’ time. The loading of the bonus will be done through an operation sequence which is arranged with the date and time of the e-mails were sent.

8. For a bonus to become available for withdrawal, the amount of bonus needs to be turned from 11 times from 2.00 odds.

9. In turnings of bonus two probability bets such as under/over, single/double betted on a single match won’t be accepted.

10. Every account / e-mail account / IP address / Registration address can only take advantage of this promotion once.

11. This promotion cannot be united or used at the same time with other bonuses.

12. The rights to cancel, retract or change the terms and rules this bonus without informing are all reserved by It also reserves the right not giving a bonus to accounts that belong to users that it sees fit. The responsibility to follow current rules and terms of any bonus concerns solely the betting player.

13. In addition to these rules the general rules and terms of our site apply as well.

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