Robert Lewandowski beat his friend from Bayern Munich

The German daily “Bild” informs that Robert Lewandowski has beaten himself in training with Kingsley Coman. The players were distributed by Bayern colleagues.

The fight took place during Thursday morning training. As the German daily informs – the Pole was supposed to lecture Comana loudly, then there was a sharp exchange between the players between the players, which turned into a fight. Football players were distributing, among others, Niklas Suele and Jerome Boateng, but on average they were doing it, which is why Lewandowski and Comana started to distribute the other Bayern players.

“Bild” claims that the coach Nico Kovac did not send players for punishment in the locker room but ordered to continue the training, which was a great surprise for the other players.

“TZ” informs in turn that the players struck their fists on the face. According to the newspaper, Lewandowski had to laugh at Comana, who did not understand the command of the trainer during tactical activities.

The club refused to comment on this event.
This is not the first such incident involving Lewandowski. In the past, the captain of the Polish national team clashed verbally with Mats Hummels on training for ball loss. Defender of Bayern, after a few comments from the Pole, told him to “fuck up.” There was also a grudge between Lewandowski and Boateng when both were fighting for the ball, also during the classes. However, the players were separated by the teammates in time, and thanks to that, there was no scuffle.

Our footballer is currently playing one of the best seasons in his career. He is the leader of the Bundesliga scorer classification, in the last meeting with Borussia Dortmund crossed the border of two hundred goals in the German league (currently has 201), and in 39 games in all competitions he scored 35 goals and had 13 assists. Bayern is currently the leader of its first league ahead of BVB with one point.

He is a brilliant footballer, but would he also have a chance at the boxing ring? Robert Lewandowski (31 years old) recently praised the photo from boxing training, and on this occasion we asked the former boxing world champion Krzysztof Włodarczyk (38 years old) to evaluate his technique.

– Looking at the picture of Robert, there are still many elements to improve, but everything can be corrected with hard work – explains “Diablo” in an interview with “Super Express”. – I think the attitude to improve. Legs not prepared for a blow task, in addition, the position of the hands should be different. First of all, when leaving the left, the left leg should not be at the back – expertly examines Włodarczyk. After Lewy published the picture, on Twitter he was co-owner of KSW Martin Lewandowski. “Left, as if, you know my number,” wrote the head of the MMA federation.

Robert Lewandowski beat his friend from Bayern Munich
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