Poland: Raków – Lechia ; April 10, 2019

LEADER VERSUS LEADER. Raków unexpectedly, as well as Lechia lead in their leagues. Hardly anyone could expect before the season that these teams at the end of the league struggle will set the tone for the whole game. Caków has thirteen points ahead of the third team in the league and their promotion to Ekstraklasa is almost certain. In turn, Lechia has three “eyes” of advantage over the second Legia and a great chance for the main trophy. Raków once played in the final of the national cup (in 1967), like Lechia, who, however, managed to win the last match (in 1983). Which of the current leaders will register in the grand final?

  • Raków – Marek Papszyn’s players play a great role at home in the first league. They won ten on 13 games played (the remaining 3 are draws) and they lost only five goals! Before this confrontation, Rakow’s coach said: We’re playing with the leader. Lechia is a team that is heading for the Polish Championship. We, although we run in the table, are still only the first-league. We must approach this meeting wisely. This is Lechia’s favorite. They have a team of more experienced players. However, each match has its own story and we do not know what will happen tomorrow.
  • Lechia – the victory over Lech (1: 0) once again confirmed that this season Lechia presents a stable and regular form. Piotr Stokowiec and his pupils may even have a double crown this season, which would be an amazing achievement. Crayfish must be treated as a team from Ekstraklasa. His organization of the game is at a very good level, although he uses a different system, because he has three defenders. In addition, there is a specific stadium. Current Lechia showed, however, that he can play in different conditions and with each rival. Even if the opponent is particularly determined, and the exceptionally open audience, as recently in Gdynia, we are able to maintain responsibility and concentration. Mentally, we carry it and in Częstochowa we want to secure a promotion to the final – said the head coach of Ekstraklasa.

Forecast: Lechia kept a clean sheet in 10 of 13 previous meetings in Ekstraklasa. Overall, in the league Lechia lost 21 goals in 29 matches showing a great organization of the whole team’s game. In turn, Raków in 27 league games gave his opponents only 14 goals. In the national cup competition, Rak lost only one goal in a match against Legia. Both trainers like each other in a tactical game and I count more on the chess game than on offensive fireworks in such an important battle for both teams. Proposed types for this match: 1. goal will be scored after 27 minutes (odds 1.97) / below 1.5 goals (odds 3.05).

Poland: Raków – Lechia ; April 10, 2019
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