Luck Is No Coincidence – Check The Weather : Episode 1

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We’ve heard all of the excuses, but how much does the weather really matter in football?

We investigate how the heat, conditions and extreme environments can affect the result of a football match with the help of Jermaine Jenas, Danny Higginbotham, the F2 Freestylers and more of our experts analysts and tipsters.

00:56 – Bleep Test Experiment: Former Premier League footballer Danny Higginbotham tackles the bleep test in three very different environments to see how the heat can affect performance.

7:24 – Wind Experiment: The F2 Freestylers set up a match to see just how much the wind can alter a team’s performance. Who wins in a match between a long ball playing team against a short passing style?

09:51 – A Cold Wet Night in Stoke: What is it really like playing on a cold, wet night in Stoke? Our team of professionals and experts reveal just what the experience was like.

10:47 – Betting Analysis: Our Expert Tipsters take us through how you can take advantage of the different variables.

11:33 – F2 Freestyler Tricks: How hard can the F2 Freestylers shoot towards goal?

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