Euro 2016 preview: France – Scotland ; 04.06.2016 (21:00) CET

France – Scotland euro 2016


Euro 2016 preview: France – Scotland ; 04.06.2016 (21:00) CET


The host of the tournament serves as model for the rest of the contenders. France sets the tone of play and the squad does the best they can in every match. However, Scotland is not going to let their opponent win easily even though their players are not such strong performers.

Slovenia – Turkey
05.06.2016 (20:15) CET


Ukraine is the reason why Slovenia cannot take part in the championship. And now the Slovenian squad gets ready for the next round of qualification in no hurry. Their great mistake is that their attacks can be easily read and any opponent is able to adjust that, but we need to mention that Slovenia has no problems with defence. Turkey is a hot and emotional team that knows no reserved football. Their play is based on emotions and taking risks. Let’s hope the Turkish team will take the lead and we’ll see lots of goals.


Sweden – Wales
05.06.2016 (16:00) CET



Sweden shows its Nordic temper and the football they play looks reserved and Nordic even though the team has a lot of good performers including Ibrahimović. Still they failed to score a goal in their previous match with Slovenia and the match ended in a draw. Wales is very good in defence too. They let in only 7 goal in their 10 matches.



Russia – Serbia
05.06.2016 (18:00) CET



The first leg was a 1:2 defeat for the Russian team. Mass media was almost cruel about Russia’s loss even though everyone realized the level of exertion was very high. Another thing worth mentioning is the strategy: playing with 3 forwards while attempting to control the ball. IF the physical condition of the Russian team is good, Serbia will have to struggle hard to win the match. The Serbian team is getting ready for the next round of qualifications. Compared to Israel and Cyprus Serbia looked very promising in May, but now we’ll see how much stamina is left for the team.

Euro 2016 preview: France – Scotland ; 04.06.2016 (21:00) CET
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